About Us

Let’s just begin with the fact that we get it – we understand the emotions and purpose and the simple joy of gifting and – of course – receiving one! ‘The best gift is the one you give’ and keeping that in mind, don’t you think it should be as unique as you are – one of a kind – just like the one you are gifting. So let’s understand the idea of perfect gifting and the role we – DELUXORA PRIVATE LIMITED – have to play in it.

Distinctive and Eccentric Products:

We are a gifting portal and we have religiously handpicked every single product after sourcing it from different countries of this diverse world. So yes, you have something truly unique at your disposal and just a click away! Our product portfolio ranges from home décor, quirky apparels, unique handicraft products and many more.

Indian craftsmanship is something we all should be proud of but sadly in the recent years of globalization, they have not been receiving the recognition they deserve. So we decided to get such unique and indigenous products on-board from various corners featuring the brilliance of such expertise. To name a few, we have Dokra art, paper machhe products, Madhubani paintings, metal crafts, and leather products of highest quality. We also have internationally acclaimed world class products of Cross, Police and Sheaffer. Our range of products for the kids are made through German technology and duly certified by confirmative of European certification.

So you see, we have made sure that you need to look no further.

100% Assurance Guaranteed:

Quality check is done on a first-hand basis by our experts and hence we can boldly claim that our products come with a tag of 100% quality assurance. You will have no regrets!

Date Management – a unique concept we have come up with!

Here, we not only take into account your emotions but your needs too. We know how hard you try to find that one perfect gift for your ‘someone special’ and yet fail to do so. So we save you all the possible hassles! How? Well, just save the date and your work is done. We shortlist gift items for you based on your preferences and send you suggestions. Just select one – it’s that simple! This ‘thoughtful’ step has been brainstormed by our experts. And yes, we also make sure you don’t forget your wifes’ birthday and your anniversary! ;-)

So now you know what we mean when we say “we got your back covered!!”

Who are we?

We are primarily a gifting portal – corporate and personal. But we have a ‘lil secret too ‘coz we absolutely hate to disappoint someone who loves to be their own Secret Santa at times! If you ever come up with an idea of buying yourself something amazing, we are here for you. We cater to the serious needs of online shopaholics too!!

We understand – we really do!

We love preserving that child-like thrill one used to feel having received a gift – it’s priceless! Hence we carefully and lovingly gift wrap your product and all your invaluable emotions and make sure we deliver them in the perfect condition.

“You are what you give!”

So gift smart. Gift extraordinary.

And how are we different from any other gifting portal?

Well, why don’t you find that for yourself!

Visit our website www.deluxora.com