CSR Activity

One person can make a difference and everyone should try

- John F. Kennedy

This is our effort to change someone’s life!

After the fateful incident of Pathankot and the recent deaths of our Jawans at Siachen, we couldn’t just sit back any longer. It became crucial and imperative that we do something about it – help them in some way! The fact that our soldiers who have given up their family, comfort, luxury, their days and nights and have dedicated their lives to protecting us from the enemies but are losing their own precious lives to such shameful causes, was enough for us to wake up from a slumber! So we immediately got in touch with some ex-Army friends seeking their guidance.

Many of our friends asked us if there was an Army Welfare Fund to which ordinary Indian citizens can contribute and make a difference – and this pushed us further to take an active initiative and came up with an idea.

With every contribution of yours, we would help our Jawans by donating the money to an organisation in Kirkee, Pune named as Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre.

The Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre (PRC) in Kirkee, Pune

Back in 1971 post Indo-Pak war, when almost 60 of our soldiers suffered from spinal cord injuries, the idea of building such a rehabilitation home was first conceived and in late 1974, the President inaugurated a Centre in Pune.

For all these years, the PRC has dedicatedly taken care of personnel's of Defence Forces of India who are medically boarded out i.e. retired form service due to Spinal Cord Injury while serving the Nation,  and have successfully rehabilitated not only their physical but psychological, financial and other aspects of their lives by making them believe that  “IT IS NOT THEIR  DISABILITY BUT ABILITY THAT COUNTS”. It has been like life has given them second chance!

How it can be done?

Contributions can be made by cash / crossed Cheque in the name of ‘Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre, Kirkee ’ and sent to paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre , Park Road, Kirkee, Pune - 411 020, India.

Contributions can be made electronically in favour of 'Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre, Kirkee. Account number 0278000100174484 at PNB Kirkee, Pune 411003. (IFS Code – PUNB0027800).

All donations to it are exempted under section 80-G of Income Tax Act 1961 (tax break is 50% of sum contributed). Trust has FCRA approval to receive contribution in dollars. Donations from Corporates are also accepted.

Contacts Tele:- 3191 (Army) / 020 2602 3191, Tele fax 02 25820505. Email :- prckirkee1974@gmail.com

You can visit the Centre and experience everything for yourself.

The above information has been sourced from the site of Rehabilitation Centre. To know more Click here

In case you have any problems, please do not hesitate in connecting with us. We will try to facilitate the process. This is a pure honorary effort by esamskriti.com and Sanjeev Nayyar. We do not accept any responsibility for sums voluntarily contributed by you.

The bigger picture

We feel that it has to get better – at some point of time… it has to get better…

There would come a time where people won’t be losing lives to causes of such pure hatred and enmity. The hostility from the hearts of people has to end and a perfect world - a peaceful world would come to existence! We would never stop believing so – never would we trade the thought for anything in return!

Life has been extremely harsh and unfair for these soldiers who have fought bravely their entire lives but are now confined to a wheelchair for the rest of it (even the thought of it is infuriating, right?).

We are determined to do our bit to help those people and hope we find you beside us in this journey of ours. We have taken our first step.

Now, it your turn to thank them for everything they have done for us!

Jai Hind!!!